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Hi!  I’m Hattie Parker I guide you to know your true self more fully. I also help you find custom fitted answers to current personal life challenges, questions, and issues. When you are confronted with challenging life circumstances or inner rumblings that send you into soul searching mode you want REAL answers, help, and direction. Using tools that enable me to understand you at the very core of your being, I help you find REAL answers to REAL questions.


” I met Hattie in 2009 when she introduced me to aura reading. The session was extremely insightful; I felt she took an x-ray of my energetic body and then explained how the colors work and showed me exactly where imbalances were appearing.

I’ve now been working with her for 8 years and every time we work together she helps me understand my spiritual state and what it is reflecting back to me. Her knowledge of the Astrology and Numerology make her readings unique and all encompassing.

I highly recommend her readings especially if you want to get to the root of any challenge ”

A. K.,  Actress, Film Scriptwriter and Director



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