VIBE: 432 Pre-Launch Volunteer Field Testing

The opportunity to be supported in making a personal breakthrough (and help others at the same time).

WHAT is the source of VIBE: 432 and WHAT is it about?

Vibration 432, Inc., an FL nonprofit 501c3 organization, is the sponsoring organization. It was founded by Jill DiSalvo, a visionary humanitarian for the purpose of mitigating the debilitating impact of complex stress injuries for first responders as well as addressing the effect of our chaotic world on today’s Fteens who have an alarming rate of suicide. (

WHAT is the purpose of the VIBE: 432 Pre-launch field testing

The pre-launch field testing is planned to engage a small community of people who want to 1.) Make a breakthrough in life and 2.) To also make difference through providing insights into the effectiveness of the self-help techniques utilized in the program.

The Yes I Can Breakthrough Energy Cards are:

– Based on the metaphysical understanding that: Everything is energy.
– Use a variety of self-help tools to harness the beneficial powers of Universal energies.
– Focused on strengthening a user’s belief in a personal sense of “Yes I Can” in a Universe that can be trusted to deliver outcomes that serve one’s highest good.

The community service goal is for VIBE: 432 to effectively help people suffering from PTSD and depression. And,however, before we reach out to a typically quite vulnerable population we want to begin by field testing the efficacy of the program.

WHO created VIBE: 432?

VIBE: 432 is a creative project originated by Hattie Parker, MS Ed, Astrologer, Numerologist, and Intuitive Consultant. The metaphysical disciplines she has worked with for over 4 decades are rooted in understanding the interplay of energies. Through her work, she has assisted hundreds of people, from all walks of life, increase their life skills effectiveness when navigating stressful times. This expertise has informed her creativity in designing VIBE: 432. It is her sincere hope with the aid of others to make this a sensitive and meaningful tool that it will serve many.

WHAT are the Volunteer Opportunities?

There are many ways you can learn, personally grow and help move this project forward. If you are interested I encourage you to contact me so wee can have a phone of Zoom communication to determine how, when and where in the development of the program you can be best served personally as well as help us grow. My contact information is below.

Contact Hattie Parker, at (please use the Subject Line: VIBE: 432) alternatively if you wish to talk in person call Hattie @ (732)-859-2134.

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