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About Hattie and Crypto

Lucky me. Crypto has changed my life in many positive ways.  I anticipate it will continue to do so rest of my life. I owe the good fortune I have enjoyed with crypto to the brilliant people who invented it and to astrology for offering insight into the concept that cyptocurrency is an idea whose time has come.

Even though I am currently writing about my history and relationship with crypto at a time (6.21.21) when, despite that most crypto currencies are experiencing a significant downturn in value, I still feel blessed to have embarked upon a crypto journey. I invested 2.5 years ago. Bitcoin and a couple additional coins were less costly than they are today.  I have made substantial gains from investing in cryptocurrencies and I suspect even if crypto keeps going down I will still be ahead. I am very grateful to have had star inspired insight to guide my actions. I am happy to engage with people who want to explore from a cosmic perspective if crypto investing is right for them.

In 2020 when the world economy shut down I turned to astrology to inform my understanding of world events. The planet Saturn, (structure), was together with Pluto (regeneration) making a mess of life as we have known it. Those two planets are no longer joined at the hip. I am writing this at a time when most people have started to emerge from being isolated. Most people are painfully aware many aspects of life and living are not as they were before. An apt quote comes from a Peter, Paul and Mary folksong from the 60’s. “The times they are a changing.”

Cyrpocurrencies are a volatile investment. There is no FDIC insurance to protect one from loss. There is plenty of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) surrounding crypto. Thus, understandably people are jittery about their relationship with and to it. The news media, perhaps in service and or even collusion with very high stakes investors, consistently broadcast stories about how crypto is a bad investment. This spooks the small stakes investors and I know more than a few individuals who sell low and lose money. : (   People who are investing in crypto because they are thinking they can make money on a fast track find themselves being frightened away. Sadly they sell at a loss and the FUD gets reinforced.

The helpful and wise guidance I have gleaned from astrology has influenced me to have very solid plans for the  hodling (holiding on for dear life) the long term (at least 5 years). There are many star inspired reasons for one to believe this to be so. I study the subject matter of crypto currencies by watching youtube videos at least an hour or more everyday. Youtube is full of excellent content. Two commentators I think are quite reliable are Guy of the Coin Bureau and Casey at Crypto Casey. I wholeheartedly believe that any and everyone should long term invest in crypto NOW.

It is a very exciting industry and I am happy to engage with interested parties one-to-one, additionally. There is much to be learned from seeing how one’s astrology chart interfaces with the the Bitcoin Chart.  Please stay tuned I am partnering with an accountant to create a membership group to educate and help mitigate FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.  It would be much better if it were to stand for Fantastic Unbridled Delight.

About Hattie: Experience as a Counselor

People book readings when life is challenging and/or they are experiencing deep inner rumblings, prompting them to find real answers to profound life questions such as:

  • Have I fulfilled my life purpose? • Am I married to the right person?  • What is my life’s purpose? • When will I meet the right person?  • Why am I not flourishing in my current career?  • Are my children in the best schools for them?  • As I can’t stand the way life is anymore, how can I convince my husband to retire? And so it goes — on and on and on.

I have helped people find answers and solutions to all of the above and more.  As a highly seasoned reader, I bring the gifts of study, experience and the ability to CROSS REFERENCE Astrology, Numerology and Tarot to offer meaningful and practical guidance. I have  helped thousands of people find answers and solutions for confounding issues in their lives.

In a reading with me you can explore everything from the esoteric i.e.,  “What is my soul’s purpose?” to everyday practical matters i.e., When will be a good time to ____________? (launch a business, quit my job, retire, find a partner, etc. etc. etc.)  We will use tools that are ancient, accurate and proven to be helpful.  I will guide you to effectively use these tools for practical results.

About Hattie: Unique Counseling Features

  • Three Readings in One:  (Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot) The benefits of this multifaceted approach of reading are many.  You  can be assured the insights you will gain are thorough and in-depth.  You will discover how reassuring it is when multiple sources concur about what is best for you.
  • Depth of Insight:  If you are seeking to “go deep” into issues such as exploring influences from past lives, the multiple tools to assist you get real answers to very challenging and sometimes illusory questions.
  •  Aura Imaging (offered individually or in combination with other reading modalities).  I am the only person in South Florida using this particular equipment at events and/or for private insight readings. This high tech equipment allows me to see where you are experiencing blocks in your energy field.  Included with the insight into where problems exist, I offer guidance for making positive changes.
  • Round Cards Designed by Me: In concert with Astrology and Numerology, I read a deck of round cards. These are cards I designed  after over 20 years of reading the Vicky Nobel round Motherpeace Cards.  My deck builds on the benefits of the subtle energies revealed using round cards and is expressly designed to give guidance about how to specifically and  proactively exercise free will to improve one’s life. 

About Hattie: My Background

I have been spiritually motivated and attuned ever since I was a child.  The most recent newsworthy feature of my intuitive reading resume is that, I have expressly designed a deck of cards to help you know how to proactively address problems.  I am actively engaged in determining how to publish this unique deck that will serve both, professionals and people, who want to use a deck to help themselves live a more fulfilling life.

When I discovered Tarot cards, because a master Tarot teacher (who started learning from her grandmother at age 8) offered to teach me.  I was half heartedly interested.  The lack luster beginning soon changed. Immediately when I started working with the cards I felt as if I had found an old friend. In my early years as a reader, in addition to working with my master teacher, I studied with every different kind of reader I could find to help me.  Once I started reading for others, I was awestruck by the seriousness of the level of questions I was asked. In my quest to be up to the task of being truly helpful, I then dedicated years of study to adding numerology and astrology to my toolkit.  To this day, I continue to study in my quest to be able to serve the highest good of my clients.

My clients span all walks of life: CEO’s, professional athletes, creative artists, men and women wanting to enhance the quality of their relationships with everyone in their lives: business associates, children, friends, partners, parents and beloved pets.

My background and life experience in teaching, non-profit management, corporate marketing, and recruiting executives, informs my deep understanding of the needs of people seeking my guidance. I have a BS in Child Development from Cornell University and a MS in Education from the University of Colorado. I enjoy yoga, dancing, hiking, traveling, and meeting fascinating people (that includes anyone and everyone!).

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