2015 A Year to Embrace Positive Thinking

Cosmic Pulses Report 2015: Part Two

From a metaphysical perspective, looking at the year ahead in astrology and numerology, my recommendation for the single most helpful approach you can take to help make 2015 a “better” year is to: do whatever it takes to strengthen your ability to think positively.  The 2015 The Cosmic Pulses Newsletter will focus on specific metaphysically inspired and inspiring tools to help you with living so that, despite whatever happens, you can maintain positive thinking. If you are inclined to being on the pessimistic side of the emotional continuum, this yearlong advisory may seem challenging.  Breathe.  The coming year of newsletters will focus on content and reminders that offer a variety of approaches to supporting yourself in having the will and the skill to maintain positive thinking (no matter what happens).

There are many cosmic reasons that are specifically related to the 2015 Cosmic Pulses that now make positive thinking so very important. Discussion of both the challenges and related uplifting material will be shared in “bite sized” pieces in future newsletters.

While doing research for this Report I discovered a TED Talk featuring a person with what is known in numerology, the metaphysical science of numbers, as a Life Path #8. Not only is he a #8, and thus a excellent role model for positive thinking befitting of an #8 year (2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 8), he is a #44/8.  The doubled 4’s make him, according to numerology, a master of the #8.  I recommend you watch his talk with the intention of getting a sense of the flavor of what #8 positive thinking is about. For example: The talk ends with the assurance “mountains can be moved.” (Note: If you find yourself being impatient with his antics, do yourself a favor – do not give up.  Fast forward to the end of the talk.  His last story is inspiring. It gives  a flavor of the kind of undaunted spirit that is available when  #8 rules.)

FYI: Other Life Path #8’s who are also 44/8’s include: Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa.  Their lives are inspiring.  We will glean lessons from these masters of the #8 in future newsletters.

The TED Talk Link:


A Cosmic Overview of 2015

If you enjoy using calendars structured to offer guidance about what to expect month-to-month find a Cosmic Pulses approach to looking at the year at: www.hattieparker.com/plan-your-year-cosmic-pulses-2015-overview.

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