Why Have a Consultation?

Do you wish to feel greater comfort about who you are and what you are “meant’ to be doing in this lifetime? Do you have a major decision to make and you want supportive guidance?

Readings support you in knowing yourself from the inside  out.  A reading  helps you gain clarity when making important life decisions.  Clients report they are much more comfortable with themselves following their reading(s).

 My  Reading Style

For over 25 years I have been offering spiritually inspired intuitive consultations that combine Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot and Aura Imaging. The form and structure of the readings is based upon a very personal style that has evolved through many years of practice and experience. Though the format of each reading is consistent, the content is always unique to you and your life circumstances.

Because I use a combination of modalities, clients receive “multiple cosmic perspectives.” The differing systems have an uncanny way of mutually supporting each other. They are windows into the core of your being, and a map for determining a direction for your most promising life path as well as a source for insights into inner conflicts and guides to fulfillment.

Features and Benefits

The visual clues of Tarot illustrate descriptive aspects of your Numerology and Astrology charts and serve to deepen your understanding. In the card reading portion of a reading, I use round cards. The direction the cards fall offers helpful information about what is happening, what will happen, and, if relevant, what you can do to change directions in your life.

It is my practice to initially consult cards without asking you to share your questions or focus, but rather to seek answers by asking what “The Divine” wants to communicate. We then progress to answering your concerns. Often, people seek readings to answer practical questions. I am happy to address very specific issues. However, I have found that focusing on a broad perspective (how a particular life issue relates to your whole spiritual well being) is the best and most powerful place to start as this approach allows for deeper insights.

What a Consultation is Not

Sometimes people come to a consultation hoping I  will help them influence someone else. Or, they want the universe to give them what they want when they want it. Although the idea of gaining access to insight may sometimes make you believe that you can completely control your world that would be far from the truth. Readings reveal what is. My guidance focuses on supporting you to  help yourself have your best possible quality of life.

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