Cosmic Pulses™ Alert: Good News for the Week of 12/7

The heart of the Cosmic Pulse of LUCK (the planet Jupiter) slows down Monday 12/7/14.  During the next almost 4 months Jupiter will appear to be in backwards motion. When a planet is in “retrograde” motion, astrologers recommend it as a time to revamp the area of life the planet impacts.

Guidance for Stellar Living

To use this Cosmic Pulse to your advantage: experiment with adopting an “I CAN’T FAIL” attitude. Be open and curious about what you discover. As luck would have it, we have time for this to evolve. We have 4 months when shifts in LUCK are favored. Breathe, relax, enjoy the ride, and think positively.  Learn more about Cosmic Pulses @

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P.S. Tuesday is a #1 day. This is a good day to start something new.

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