Cosmic Pulses Report 2015: Part One

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Can you believe it’s the end of the year already?

The start of a new year often inspires thinking about the lessons learned, and wishes for what can be better next year. There are both numerology and astrology inspired reasons 2015 offers openings for you to help yourself make it a better year. In Part One of this Report I review 2014 and suggest ways you can use the next few days to set the stage for a “better” 2015.

Part Two (sent next weekend) will be about 2015. The Cosmic Pulses Newsletter of 2015 will be a year long weekly guide to attuning to the pulses of cosmic energy to support yourself in enjoying a Stellar Life.

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2014 Risks and Rest (as in “Put the Past to Rest”)

Numerology, the science of numbers, shows 2014 as a 34/7 year. (20 + 14 = 34 and 3 + 4 = 7). In short, this means it has been a year of clarifying what is most important to you (7). Then, additionally, there has been a cosmic drive to take risks (34). Can you relate? Our whole world was turned upside down by fears of the risks of the deadly disease of Ebola. More personally, do any of the following apply to you?

• You were excited by taking on a risky action, venture, or change of heart.
• You were pushed to take a risk or risks you didn’t necessarily want to take.
• You were feeling vulnerable because you were presented with only 2 options: risk or resist?
• All of the above.

So what to do with this information? Looking more carefully into the numerology. January 1, 2014 added up to 9. (1 + 1 + 34 = 36 then 3 + 6 = 9.) This is a sign it has been a year to be putting “things” to rest. In numerology 9 is an ending number. I encourage you to use these last couple of days of 2014 to put the fallout of risk and the promise of relief if you can choose to put the negative impact of risks to rest to your advantage.

A few examples of putting challenges of risk and putting what has been “to rest” might include: Assuring yourself, if you are anxious about the outcome of a risk taken, that you will be able to handle whatever happens with skill and competence. (2015 is a #8 “take charge” year); Forgiving yourself for risks taken that did not turn out as you had hoped; Forgiving others for behaviors that you feel put your trust in them at risk; Giving up behaviors that put your health at risk.

A personal example: I bought a used car early this year. It turned out to be a total disaster. A flash flood shortly after buying it messing up the electrical system was, perhaps, the source of making matters worse. Yet now in hindsight, I can only wonder what I was thinking as a single woman to have taken on a questionable purchase from the beginning. I had repeated instances of stalling out at stop lights. I lost my cool with mechanics. I did not prevail with the insurance company giving me any satisfaction. I ended up cutting my losses by giving it to charity when I don’t even need the write off. Now I could have spent my time in woulda, coulda, shoulda or I could, as I seem to have been able to do, cut myself some slack. I fortunately did not have an accident and I met some very kind people along the way. I have a tendency to be very critical of myself and somehow I have been able to forgive myself for this total disaster. I can grant credit to it being a year that started with a 9 (the ability to put the past to rest) as my saving grace. Do you need a saving grace so you can put the past behind you? There are a few more days in 2014. Hopefully you can use the forgiving cosmic pulse of 2014 to your advantage.

Delightfully there is yet more cosmic good news and support for you commit to taking the time to examine your life re: risk and rest. A defining Cosmic Pulse of 2014 has been intensity. Pluto and Saturn, two planets that tend to make life difficult, joined forces. What was challenging for you was most likely very challenging. Here’s the good news! During Christmas week these two planets ended their year long partnership of being committed to forcing intensity. If you are ready to review the past you can now do this assured it is time to be more lighthearted.

Stellar Living: Awareness can be a powerful first step in shifting one’s perspective. Set yourself up for a “better” 2015. Choose to be lighthearted. Focus on the reassurance that cosmic pulses support you in putting “things” to rest.

SHINE: Approach thinking about your new year’s goals and resolutions in a lighthearted manner. If you would like to engage in a playful activity when writing New Year’s Resolutions try the activity and guidance shared in the Week #4 CP Blog post @

Preview: The numerology of January 1, 2015 is a #1 (1 + 1 + 35 = 37 3 + 7 = 10 = 1 + 0 = 1). Soon we begin a year when we will begin at the beginning with a #1. Thus the cosmos offers anyone who chooses to take advantage of it a nice opportunity for a fresh start. Anything you do to help prepare yourself to make the most of it is likely to bring you benefits.

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