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Dress for the occasion.

This costume was put together for a Grateful Dead party.

My Services Can be Tailored to Fit Your Needs

 Because I have many years of experience offering psychic entertainment at parties, it comes very naturally to me.  As a seasoned professional, I am flexible and I am happy to adjust my presentation in dress and content to fit the occasion.

Roving Readings

Roving Readings work well during cocktail hours because they are fast accurate and work well in group settings.  These readings, based on a special approach I have honed over 25 years, are short, “spot on”, and spark entertaining interactions between and among party guests.

HOW IT WORKS: I approach guests and ask if they would like to share their birthdays (always making it clear it is optional), so I can in turn determine their “numbers.” Upon taking the birthdates and delivering a short pithy personality description, 99 percent of the time people are simply amazed at the accuracy of the information. When shared among people who know one another, it inspires lighthearted banter about the accuracy of the readily observed personality characteristics.

EXAMPLE: The birthdate numbers of a woman guest add up to 52 and 7, (5 + 2 =7). I show the couple or small group the 52nd card in the Tarot deck. The image on the card is of the self-assured Queen of Swords. Joking with the husband, I talk about how his wife typically gets what she wants and can be on the stubborn side. Upon having him say, “You’ve got that right!”, I show the 7th Tarot card with the wife and explain, from an esoteric perspective, that being born on a 7 day reveals that the wife places a high value on personal integrity. No one can push her to make decisions until she is ready. Though the wife’s typical way of acting appears to be stubbornness, at the deepest level, and in a more positive vein, it is about her being true to herself. Roving Readings are positive, short, interactive, and fun. The “feel good” tone is an effective icebreaker in the early stages of a party.

 Hattie’s One-on-One Readings
My One-on-One readings are 5 to 12 minute readings when guests share private time with me. The “readee” is given the choice of asking questions or having a general reading. The focus is always on being positive and uplifting and at the same time accurate. Uplifting people’s spirits is vitally important, and I am skilled at managing the tone to fit the needs of individuals. The pace is adjusted to fit the demand for readings. My long list of glowing testimonials attest to my abilities (see below: http://hattieparker.com/party-testimonials).

Aura Imaging: 

Aura Imaging is a unique high tech party service. Because pictures are created and shared, it can be a great discussion catalyst among the guests. Aura image pictures are enjoyed by adults and youth alike and have proven to be a hit at Galas, Showers, Sweet Sixteen Parties, and Bar Mitzvahs. As the imaging equipment is designed to accommodate a wide range of ages 5 years to adult, it is thus a good activity for family parties.


Using special computer equipment and software, colorful pictures of guests’ energy fields are generated. A guest places her or his hand on a hand sensor and this creates an image on a computer screen. Everyone’s aura is unique and the resulting pictures are quite spectacularly beautiful. Aura imaging can also be combined with Tarot readings. The two systems are a different and yet interrelated way of accessing helpful guidance. Guests receive their aura picture and an interpretation pamphlet.

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