Examples of Consultations

The following are a few examples of issues addressed in sessions with me.

Example #1 – Ongoing Consultations Focused on Making Major Life Changes

Jane, a successful executive with a stressful career, is in an unhappy marriage and a confusing but compelling affair. Her astrology chart reveals influences that often manifest as the kind of mid-life crisis she is experiencing. The element reflects a process that has a beginning, middle, and end — without immediate solutions. Thus, she commits to not only more readings, but also to working with a therapist and taking a dream analysis workshop to sort out where she is headed in life. In readings we address the management of day-in and day-out stress as well as more comprehensive concerns such as: understanding her soul mission, discovering her talents and finding out what it is she truly wants. Considerable attention is spent discussing how she can take care of herself and, to the best of her ability, be caring to the people influenced by her decisions. Over a 6 month time frame, she has readings on an on-and-off basis as she feels called to do so (vs. any kind of set weekly schedule that would be more suggestive of a therapist-type of arrangement). In the course of our work together, Jane decided to leave her marriage and set up house on her own. When she actually moved she was amazed that she was able to act with courage and conviction because early in our process of working together Jane could not have imagined that she would be living independently. (She initially sought guidance on finding out if her lover was “the one,” hoping that she would move directly from her life with her husband to living with this man.) Through the process of deepening her understanding of herself, she has literally changed her fortune by creating “space” in her life to figure out what she really wants. Through the support of the readings, she is choosing to focus on living by design not just reacting to circumstances. At the end of a 6 month process, she was amazed by the choices she was making.

What the caterpillar calls the end of the world the master calls a butterfly. — Richard Bach

Example #2 – A Single Session That “Saved the Day”

Robert, a professional musician, has a history of serious depression that is typically associated with times when his career was not progressing according to his dreams. After one two-hour session, he was inspired to choose hope and have faith that he could succeed over despair. In the short term he committed to avoiding self-destructive behaviors (excessive drinking, addictive TV watching, sleeping) that he knows reinforce his depressive pattern. Information from his astrology chart reassured him that the difficult phase he was experiencing wouldn’t last long; the numerology chart revealed an extended successful period anticipated in 2 years and the cards offered guidance on immediate actions to be taken to find temporary work. He left the reading with concrete plans for preparing for the anticipated good times. It is well known among students of human behavior that if people want to get different results in life they need to think and then act in new and/or different ways. With the help of guidance from the reading, Robert adopted new behavior patterns and got different results.

Example #3 – Consultations for Support in Difficult Times

Meredith, who lost her husband to a sudden unexpected death says, “The pain was unbelievable. After months of sessions with Hattie, I got great comfort. She helped me gain a very broad view of life and supported me as I struggled through figuring out how I could go on. The process was life-saving.”

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