Full Moon April 4, 2015: Lunar Eclipse, Freedom through Forgiveness

Today, April 3, 2015, the international news is highlighted with stories of mass murder in Kenya, and more disturbing news related to the German co-pilot who deliberately crashed a commercial jet.

3 of Swords







Similar to the news these images are disturbing.  However notice the hearts pictured above at not broken. They are each fully in tact.

imgres-2During this eclipse (as is the case with all Lunar Eclipses) the Sun will be opposite the Moon. Additionally for the 4/4/15 eclipse, Uranus, the planet of freedom will be next to the Sun and also opposite Moon. The proximity
between the Sun (light) and Uranus (the urge to be free) presents the opportunity to gain insight (light) into emotions (Moon) that restrict (eclipse) one’s sense of freedom and even do something to proactively improve one’s quality of life.


In Tarot imagery the 3 of Swords is, quite naturally, followed by the 4 of Swords where the three swards are taken from the heart and placed on the wall like trophies and the 4th sword is placed under the body that is lying in rest. It is an image I read as a sign for the need to be “Putting the past to rest.” Many spiritual teachers regard forgiveness as a profoundly meaningful step to gaining enhanced mental and emotional freedom. Below is a link to a story of forgiveness. As the blog writer/songwriter makes clear, forgiveness is hardly an easy process. He teaches us, by example; it is possible, even in the most challenging of circumstances.


images-4Eclipses bring “things” to light. They impact us 2 days before the eclipse and 3 days following and then continue to work on us for 6 months. We are in a weekend of celebrations. There are many celebratory traditions observed. To give yourself a a long lasting gift I suggest you ask yourself:   Is there something I want to put to rest (forgive) so I will enjoy more freedom in my life?  Would I like to connect to a fully in tact heart — even with and despite that it has been pierced by swords? A commitment to forgiveness might just be divinely ordered for you at this time.  Alternatively, do you feel restricted in your capacity to love and care for others and you do not even know what is restricting your sense of freedom?  In this case I suggest you can choose to make a commitment to being open to seeing your life circumstances in a new light. (Remember the influence lasts 6 months) This is a weekend of celebrations and goodies. What new freedom can you find in this eclipse? I encourage you to take time to engage in thinking and celebrating that the placements of Sun and the Moon and the Stars are available to help you find rest and respite.

NOTE:  In my many years of counseling I have discovered a Forgiveness Exercise that is inspired by and related to numerology.  My clients report very positive results in using this technique.  Should you want to take proactive action to forgive someone feel free to send me an e-mail with the subject line: Forgiveness Exercise and I will send you a description of how to engage in doing this exercise.



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