Case Studies of Auras

Everyone’s  aura, similar to the nature of snowflakes, is different.

The images shown above are all examples of auras of people who live hectic, and yet, basically healthy lives. Typically most people have auras that are very multi-colored. This is a reflection that they live multifaceted lives.

The Aura of a Person with a Strong Meditation Practice

The aura below is that of a person following meditating. The white above the head indicates a very strong spiritual connection and the pink reflect the person is very loving.

Below is the aura of a person following a week long fast and retreat.  The even coloring is a reflection of the calm gained from the meditation experience.

The person whose aura is pictured below is the CEO of a company. The solid blue color at the base of the aura reflects that this person is very stable.  It makes sense someone with great responsibility would have cultivated energetic stability and that it would show up in an aura image.

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