Info Needed For Consultation

Needed Information:

• Current Name  • The Name on your Birth Certificate  • Your Date of Birth    • Your Time of Birth  • The  Location of Your Birth  (if there are other relevant names  please share them).

If you don’t have access to your birth time, we can still work with your astrology chart based upon a sunrise or a midday birth time.  However, there are definite limitations on how specific we can be in analyzing your chart when the exact time of birth is not known.  If you can tell me even the approximate time (morning, afternoon, evening) that is helpful.  If you are using an approximate time please be sure to tell me.

We will  focus more carefully on Numerology and Tarot as the means to accessing guidance for you.

Astrology can be a precision timing tool but ONLY if we have an accurate birth data and there is so much to learn from all the various tools we should be able to answer your concerns and questions.

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