Inner Light Aura Reading & Treatment

WHAT:   The purpose of the Inner Light Aura Reading and Treatment  is to offer insight and to support you being calm, conscious and centered (in any and all circumstances).  To begin, I will use a powerful Quantum Bio-feedback App to “read” your energy field and reveal a full color picture of it (FYI: A Before and After image will be sent to you).  I will then program the Quantum App. to work on your energy field to influence positive change.

While the app is at work lifting your vibes, I will engage in an Inner Light card reading.  I pull 7 cards to guide me in assessing each of your 7 chakras. The two processes  in combination provide the background and insight needed so that expressly individual and specific guidance can be shared on how you can engage in self-help activities to uplift and maintain your energy field at a light level.

HOW: The reading will be conducted on a  conference call on Zoom (a conferencing app that can be accessed on your computer or cell phone) .  You will gain information and suggestions on ways you can support yourself in being calm, conscious, and centered on an on-going basis. (The steps in the process are listed a the bottom of this page in  the FAQ section.

TO SCHEDULE:  VERY IMPORTANT DETAIL!!!  Notice you need to click on “here”  to go to scheduling  page  Click here to make an appointment.

ALSO OF NOTE:  After you choose your time and fill out the form, it says to click on the confirmation that is in grey and very hard to see.

If  you cannot make any of the times listed and still want to take advantage of this offer send me an e-mail @ and I will follow up to accommodate you.

FULFILLING YOUR APPOINTMENT: All appointments will be conducted on Zoom.  The sign up form includes a place to share your e-mail.  Once you sign up and pay with PayPal (the scheduler will take you to PayPal),  I will receive your e-mail, and I will follow up by sending you a Zoom link.

May calm, high level consciousness and centeredness  be with you.


Hattie Parker. Astrologer, Numerologist, Card and Aura Reader.


What is Involved in an Inner Light Aura Reading and Treatment?:

1. A total body mind and spirit assessment using Quantum Biofeedback
2. An Aura Image before the Biofeedback Treatment
3. An Energetic Biofeedback Treatment (Customized expressly for you)
4. A Chakra Assessment Tarot Reading by Hattie
5. An Energy Treatment to support the alignment of your chakras
6. An Aura Image at the conclusion of the session.

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