Mercury Retrograde a Cosmic Challenge: Engage Your Body, Mind, and Heart

Mercury, the planet of thinking and communication, quickly buzzes around the sun every 88 days and 3 times a year (some years 4) it appears from the earth to be moving backwards. When this happens people tend to experience challenges with machines, technology, and communications. The coping strategy described below gives dates for tracking the current Mercury Retrograde and offers advice for dealing with this particular set of “hiccups” in the Cosmic Pulses.

The First Mercury Retrograde of 2015

Merecury Retrograde


RE: Stellar Living/SHINING AT BEING YOU In numerology 2015 is a #8 year. Nelson Mandela an excellent example of having lived as a public role model of the #8. He called people to “live BIG.” Using his powerful commitment to dreaming impossible dreams as a source of inspiration, think of your MOST SELF-LOVING HEART’S DESIRE’S* and then embrace Mercury Retrograde as a welcome testing time for enhancing your ability to realize these dreams. In the BIG scheme of things three to eight weeks of challenges is a flash in the pan compared to 27 years in prison!


*I do mean BIG — you know like the Mandela wanting the end of apartheid in South Africa.


Next Week: Guidance on finding someone to be your Mercury Retrograde Heart’s Desire action partner.



Footnote: Mercury Retrogrades impacts a specific area of each individual’s chart. The guidance offered above is one size fits all .

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