New Year’s Pulse: Looking Ahead

Happy 2015. This is a year to “take charge” and use your imagination. Capture the2015 Cosmic Pulses by committing some“thing” you sincerely want to happen, unfold, or manifest. It can be anything from the personal to the universal. Materials: 1.) A 3 inch X 8.5 inch wide strip of paper. 2.) Imagination. NOTE: Neptune, the planet of imagination, is in Pisces, its natural home.  Imagination now flows easily. Imagine it is December 31, 2015. You are reflecting on 2015. You are grateful and proud of yourself as you fill in the following: Wow! I am grateful had the strength, persistence and commitment to __________________.

Fill in the the blank; i.e. “write my book.”; “heal my broken friendship with _____.”; “learn to scuba dive.”,  “break my previous sales record.”  “find a new job.’  ‘find a great volunteer gig.” etc., etc, etc. (The options are vast and unlimited). Fold your paper to fit in your wallet where you can  save it until 12/31/15. (You can make as many of these as you want.)

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