Consultation Testimonials

Hattie has been tremendously helpful to me throughout the last 20 years. She has allowed me to see personal and professional situations in a much clearer light and with far greater detail than I could have imagined. Whenever Hattie has done my charts, I have been able to confidently make decisions, large and small, knowing that I have the best guidance and the most accurate information available. Hattie is extremely professional, highly respectful, and has the ability to connect with her clients in ways that are compassionate and genuine. Her readings are truly empowering and I know that I will never again make a life altering decision without Hattie’s professional guidance.

–Joy retired teacher

I have had the pleasure of working with Hattie for over a year. I continue to be amazed at her insight! She is truly a remarkable Astrologer, Tarot Card Reader and Numerologist. She is patient, insightful and really a pleasure to work with. Whenever I am going to make a major decision, I reach out to her. Initially we met in person but now we simply meet over the phone. This has not diminished her ability to give me wonderful guidance. I recommend her to anyone who is interested in metaphysical insight.

–Kathy, market director

The numerology outlines life phases and the numbers have an uncanny way of ‘fitting’ my life circumstances. Using her gift of guidance, Hattie helps me find my own Truth. Hattie has an open heart; has no agenda except to help me be the best I can.

–Erica, executive, wife, mother.

Whether it is in the cards, the numbers, or the sky, your insight integrates the voices of the cosmos and presents them to me in ways that challenge me to view my world, my work and my life with greater care and passion. Thank you.

–Steven, management consultant and executive coach.

In my opinion, Hattie is a powerhouse of intuition and creativity, and her insights have been penetrating and extremely useful to me. Wherever I go in the world, I will always come to for her guidance and help. I HIGHLY recommend her.

–Maria, graphic designer, entrepreneur.

As a single mom of a special needs child, with a very demanding job/career, I have faced tremendous personal and professional adversity over the last several years. I have to tell you that the readings have served as a beacon of light for me in that they have given me great solace, hope, and direction.

— Linda, executive, mother, living in Paris

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