VIBE 432: The Challenge

The VIBE 432 “Yes I Can” 22 Day Challenge

Wholistic Support for Making Meaningful Life Changes Now and In the Future

VIBE: 432 Visionary Victory through Insight and Breakthrough Energy

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About The Challenge

This innovative one-of-its-kind Challenge is a project of Vibration 432, a nonprofit, founded for the purpose of promoting healing and well-being.

The Overview

The Premise of The Challenge:

  1. Everything is energy and
  2. We live in a user-friendly Universe.

The Purpose of The Challenge:

  1. To support a wholistic Can Do Consciousness through a “Yes I Can” daily practice.
  2. To support the fulfillment of wishes, visions and dreams

Participating in this Challenge involves:

  1. An Orientation Event (live or virtual),
  2. 22 days of engagement in a 5 – 10 minute self-reflection exercise including recording results
    NOTE: You will receive daily e-mail guidance
  3. Four optional Wednesday evening virtual check in sessions
  4. A Culmination Event (live or virtual).

The Joys and Benefits of Participating in The Challenge

  • Increase your likelihood of being successful at realizing your New Year’s Resolutions
  • Increase your ability and skills for being victorious at realizing goals and dreams
  • Affirm and remember self-knowledge is POWER.
  • Experience personal self-emPOWERment.
  • Meet new friends and associates!
  • Have fun!

The Details

When: The Orientation Live and In Person Sunday: 1/8/23; 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Light refreshments served
Virtual Orientation Zoom Sunday: 1/8/23; 7:00 PM – 9:00

What:  Will happen at The Orientation Events

  • You will receive your Challenge materials* and Challenge instructions
  • Have your Before-Challenge Aura Image created 
  • Meet new friends and associates (Optional: Find a Challenge Buddy)

*(Sent by snail mail to virtual participants)

Learn more below in the section: More Details About The VIBE 432

What:  happens when The Challenge is in PROCESS:

  • 1/11/23 – 2/2/23 In the privacy of your own home or office engage in a daily practice
  • On your own schedule; spend 5 – 10 minutes a day engaging with the Yes I Can Cards
  • Reflect on the guidance, direction and support gained
  • Record your results

Optional Zoom Check-in/Troubleshooting Sessions
Wednesday Evening January 11, 18, 25 and February 1  7:30 PM – 8:30 PM
If you are struggling with technical logistics or find that thee process is triggering emotional upset this will be a time to get personal assistance. Additionally, you are welcome to attend if you just want to hang out with the community. If you wish to have dedicated private one-to-one assistance see the reference to Additional Sessions below. If you cannot attend, not to worry: these sessions will be recorded.

When: The Challenge Ends – We Assess and Celebrate with Prizes and FUN

Celebration Live and In Person Sunday: 2/5/23; 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Light refreshments served
Virtual Orientation Zoom Sunday: 2/5/23; 7:00 PM – 9:00

  • Analyze outcomes (individual attention with one-to-one options available)
  • Share victories, results and insights
  • Have your After-Challenge Aura Image created
  • Enjoy friends and associates
  • Receive “Job Well Done” Prizes

The Suggested Donation: $22.00 (one dollar a day!)

Note: We always welcome additional donations to the Vibration 432 nonprofit cause of supporting people suffering from depression. In addition we welcome people who want to contribute with their time and energy.


About the Challenge

During the challenge you will:

  • Gain helpful insights into how you utilize your energy to accomplish goals
  • Learn a system that will support you in making current and future breakthroughs
  • Clarify your intention for making a change
  • Have fun sharing and growing with other participants
  • Bonus: Insight into if and how you may undermine victory 

What You Can Expect

You can expect to gain meaningful support and new lifetime skills for manifesting desired results in any and all areas of your life. Also you can expect to be challenged to be consistent so you gain the benefits of what it means to consciously and conscientiously maintain a “Yes I Can” perspective about yourself and a chosen goal (vision) for your life.

What You Can Gain

You will gain new and increased clarity about how to navigate life to have enhanced capacity to realize desired goals and dreams. You will also gain a new community of friends with whom to share both the challenges and magic of paying conscious attention and intent on creating the life you want to live. 

Materials (included with donation):

The “Yes I Can” 10 Round Card expressly made for this experience.  The deck comes with VIBE 432 Instructions and Record Keeping Sheets. Optionally you may want to supply a journal for recording personal commentary about your experience.

If you want more details please scroll down to:

More About VIBE 432

Metaphysics in Action: The Premise, The Content, and The Benefits

Additional Individual Sessions Will Be Offered and Available Upon Request

Jill DiSalvo Taxes, Accounting and Business Planning
            Business Clarification Sessions,
Nanette Saylor: Life, Creativity and Vision Coaching
            Vision Clarification Session
Hattie Parker, Astrology, Numerology, Tarot and Aura Imaging
            Astrology, Numerology & Advanced Aura Sessions

Note; Additional Sessions are available on a fee paid basis.

Testimonials Re: The Vibration 432 Team

Jill DiSalvo:

To see a young woman with the skills and compassion that she exhibits to everyone is a wonderful thing!  No matter the need that crops up, be it financial data, reviews, tax planning, employee reporting, government reporting, bonding needs, this woman has your back, and will gain your heart.

She did not slow down her concerns to my company’s finances, until everything was numerically and physically in its proper place. Thankfully, she thrives with a challenge!  She does not leave a customer feeling there is no one who will understand, and care about their needs. I thank God for bringing this talented professional into my life.  My friends personally and in business have thanked me profusely for recommending her. You would be blessed to meet her, and so happy that she’s in charge of your personal or business financial accounting.

Joyce Lynn Kirkland, President, Pathway Enterprises, Inc. 

Nanette Saylor:

Thank you for your support and your cheer-leading. I so need to remind myself to celebrate all that I have done recently!

There has been an incredible transformation in how I think about my life, my work, my future. I am very grateful to you for being such an instrumental guide in this process with me.  I profoundly love and admire you.

Susan Michele, Resonance Design Group

Hattie Parker, Astrologer/Numerologist:

Hattie has inspired, guided and coached me and with her help I have literally totally change my life. Her caring and competent services helped me with business, my personal life and child rearing. I am delighted with my redo.  Of course, I have had to do plenty of heavy lifting and there have been challenging twists and turns along the way. It has been a true gift to have Hattie to be with me on the path. She has provided tools, guidance, encouragement and profound insight every step of the way. Particularly meaningful has been at the times when I needed support, compassion, and hope because I was thinking all was lost. What a ride it has been. Want to change your life? Engage with Hattie. Karin Moller, Sales Associate, The Corcoran Group

More About VIBE 432

Metaphysics in Action: The Premise, The Content,


You are most likely familiar with the song “Physical” by Olivia Newton John.  In this song she sings over and over again, “I wanna get physical-physical.”

The theme song for “Yes I Can” Challenge might aptly be “METAphysical.” It would include a repeated line “I wanna get metaphysical-metaphysical.” If you would like to have fun during the days of this challenge I encourage you to be reminding yourself you are doing it because you “wanna get metaphysical-metaphysical.” The focus on being and supporting yourself in trusting the magic of the metaphysical is unique.  It is why this particular challenge is special.

This Challenge is designed to empower you to learn and use a variety of metaphysical tools. In the process of engaging in doing this Challenge you will be using these tools that will help you gain insight into your energetic nature. The Challenge is expressly designed to highlight the magic of the metaphysical and at the same time apply what you learn to being more effective with the practical aspects of your life. Upon learning how to use the tools you can use them to guide you making real and tangible uplifting changes in your life

The Metaphysical Premises Upon Which The Challenge is based:

There are overriding metaphysically inspired concepts that are the root premises upon which The Challenge and the guidance imparted from using the “Yes I Can” Cards are based upon. These premises are:

  1. Everything is energy.
  2. Learn and cultivate trust that you live in a user-friendly Universe and discover you are       more effective in creating desired results.

Note: This includes the results and wishes for your well-being you make in New Year’s Resolutions.

The Metaphysical Content (In Brief)

  • Vibration 432hrz is an ambient sound attributed to be the Sound of Healing, Universal Love and OM
  • Vibration 432 translated into numerology also reflects its high energy

    Vibration 4 + 9 + 2 + 9 + 1 + 2 + 9 + 6 + 5 = 47, 4 + 7 = 11
    432 in numerology is #9 (4 + 3 + 2 = 9)

    The #11 is the Master Number of Insight
    The #9 is all about completion and wholeness
  • Yes I Can translated into numerology also reflects high energy.

    Yes I Can translates to 22/4
    7 + 5 + 1 = 13/4  9   3 + 1 + 5 = 9  4 + 9 + 9 = 22/4
    22/4 is the Master Number of Master numbers.
    As the most powerful of numbers it represents the Ability to achieve practical (material) victories
  • More metaphysics: Take note The Challenge lasts 22 Days

Once Again:  The Joy and Benefits of Participating in The Challenge

  • Increase your likelihood of being successful at realizing your New Year’s Resolutions
  • Increase your ability and skills for being victorious at realizing all your goals and dreams
  • Be guided to affirm and remember that self-knowledge is POWER.
  • Experience personal emPOWERment.
  • Meet new friends and associates!            
  • Have fun!

Still have questions?  Call Hattie Parker @ 732-859-2134

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