Week #2 Cosmic Pulse 12/14

Week #2 (2014): Cosmic Pulses™ Guidance for Stellar Living*.
*Shine at being you

The Cosmic Pulse

This week the goal is to deepen your awareness and understanding of the planet discussed last week. Thus, we again focus on Jupiter (the planet of luck) in retrograde (backwards appearing motion) from Monday 12/8/14 until 4/9/15.

The Cosmic Pulse Focus of 12/14/14

The numerological correspondence of the current location of Jupiter is 33/6. The number 6 relates to love and the number 33, as a doubled number, is the master number of 6.

Guidance for Stellar Living

So then, when it comes to you shining at being who you are I encourage you to consider how it is plausible to suggest that the deepest core in the mastery of love starts with self-love. Ask yourself, “What can I do to be more self-loving?” Action step: Starting with an I CAN’T FAIL attitude take action to DO what first entered your mind as the thing you can “do” to be more self-loving.

Looking ahead: Saturn changes from Scorpio to Sagittarius on 12/23/14. More about what this means next week.

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