Week #3 Cosmic Pulse 12/21

This Week’s Cosmic Pulses Focus (12/21/14: The Solstice)

On 12/25/14 Saturn, the planet that rules restriction, discipline, and responsibility moves from Scorpio, into Sagittarius. Saturn, started its journey through intense Scorpio in October of 2012.  It will now be in a more playful sign until June when it retrogrades back in to Scorpio.  Time to lighten up!

Guidance for Stellar Living: The Scorpio Saturn has influenced people to be deadly serious. On the world stage we literally have seen a disturbing and repeating theme of people being willing to kill to make a statement. Sagittarius is a welcome cosmic shift.

Are you aware of how you have become overly serious about some aspect of your life? Saturn has demanding energy and Scorpio is intense. Whether you are aware of it or not, you are likely to have been influenced so that in at least some area of life you have lost your sense of humor about how you approach it.

Guidance for you to SHINE AT BEING YOU

SHINE Step #1: Examine your life. Are there daily activities you do in an almost unconscious overly serious way?  Saturn in Sagittarius can help you lighten up.

SHINE Step #2:  Take your pulse imagining you can connect with the mighty demanding energy of Saturn. Hear your heart beating to a pulse that is reminding you to HAVE MORE FUN!  We will explore more about how to draw upon a lighten up/uplifting energy of Saturn in Sagittarius in the coming weeks.

Happy Holidays.

Coming Soon:  This week I will send the first of two 2015 Cosmic Pulses
. These reports are designed to offer guidance for helping you plan for the New Year.

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