Week #4: Cosmic Pulses: On Making Resolutions

In the last few days of 2014 you might like to try turning resolution making into a game like exercise.  I have engaged in doing this activity 3 times.  Each time I have come up with different variations on the theme. The game like nature of this approach has made making resolutions and plans for the new year more lighthearted.  You can do this alone or with a friend or friends.

Cut 13 strips of paper.  (Thirteen is the number of transformation.  It is the number of the Death Card in Tarot.  The meaning of the Death card is transformation and transformation may be required for you to actually stick to doing what is needed to live your resolutions.)

Divide the 13 pieces of paper into a group of 3 and two groups of 5.  On the group of 3 write “I want to get rid of” on the first group of 5 write “I want to” and on the second group of 5 write, “It would be spectacular if.”   Now take your papers and fill in the blanks writing the first thing that comes to your mind.  Turn your papers face down according to the groups.  Either you or a friend can draw the papers so that synchronicity (random selection) is the determining factor of the order of importance of your wishes.

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